Business Law

A written agreement is a legal pre-requisite in the business world. A business agreement clearly words the rights and roles of a party in a business or transaction.

An intellectual property lawyer should be able to guide the party on confidentiality, application of state law, payment obligations, body of the agreement with details, clear identity of parties, termination of agreement and other choices. When an agreement is drafted it is always better to mention,what is the course of action to be taken in case one of the parties goes wrong though arbitration is a preferred option in case of a dispute.

A good business agreement need not be loaded with legal jargons for it to be enforceable. Short, simple, paragraphs with relevant legalities, numbered paragraphs and headings are sufficient to get the rapt attention of the parties.

Business Law

Identification of parties is very important with the correct legal names as this is the legal key that opens up the lock to legal rights in case legal obligations have not been fulfilled within the stipulated time period. Payment obligations must be specific in terms of installments, lump sum, date, time and mode of payment because payment is the most contentious issue.


Finally, clearly list down conditions that can amount to termination of a business agreement to avoid legally hooking the wrong party.

In short, we provide legal support to entrepreneurs who are starting or have their own small businesses as a strategy to create financial independence using the below mentioned tools.

  • Business Structure & Formation
  • Business License Applications
  • Negotiating a Contract
  • Offer Letter for Employees
  • Contracts with Independent Contractors
  • Protecting Your Name, Logo, and Creative Work (Trademark & Copyright)
  • Legal Compliance with Law

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