Information Technology Law

In this age of digital advancement, cyber crimes have become a constant nuisance to electronic, digital and online transactions.

An IP lawyer with knowledge of information technology law and its correct application can shield you from cyber menaces. Offenses, breaches and penalties have been clearly listed along with justice dispensations on various aspects of cyber crimes. The cyber regulations advisory committee has been set up to help various IP owners to function without any cyber intruders.

The IT Act with its amendments deal with authentication of electronic records, digital signatures, electronic signatures, provisions about due diligence, intermediaries and other miscellaneous provisions.


The first schedule to this act deals with all the documents and transactions to which this act is inapplicable and the second schedule deals with electronic authentication procedures.


Telecom Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Network Service Providers, Web Hosting, Search Engines, Online Auction Sites, Online Payment Sites, Online Markets And Cyber Cafes need to be well aware of their benefits  that amendments to this law have in store for them.

New faces of cyber crime, role of intermediaries, security practices for corporates are some of the amendments. The stress on privacy issues automatically throws information security into the legal spotlight and also elaborates digital signature.

The amendments in the four statutes of the IT Act have expanded the scope of the term “documents“, “evidence”, “bankers book” and interbank funds transfer with reference to RBI or between banks and financial institutions.

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