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Are you groping in the dark trying to find an organization who will stand legally firm to protect your intellectual property? This is where you need to zoom in on an intellectual property law firm.An intellectual property law firm in India canoffer legal views at the global level to maximize the benefit of the client.The core of legal practice is not only based on correct knowledge and practical application but also on their ability to connect to their clients with clarity. The most concise interpretation of legalities fall short if the intellectual property firm refuses to upgrade itself with the latest nuances and changes in the applicable law.

The legal work of an intellectual property firm involve various functions like end to end drafting ofapplications, preparing and filing replies, renewal, opposition, rectification, action against frauds and piracy. An intellectual property firm constantly treads on topics concerning patents, trademarks and copyrights. the intellectual property laws have been made to legally shelter the owners in various layers of law so that every owner receives and enjoys the reward of his intellect in one shot or as an ongoing process.

Roshni Lachhwani has had her fair share of experience interning in relevant law firms. As an intern in an intellectual property law firm Roshnihad harnessed the opportunity to put her education to practical application. Here this young bright lawyer not only saw this as an opportunity to learn but also as a stepping stone for establishing her own intellectual property law firm one day.


Today this young lawyer was armed to fight a legal battle but chose to give priority to a litigation free approach to maximize the benefit of the owners. Her aim and futuristic approach puts intellectual property owners in a cocoon of legal comfort. Her knowledge was expansive and she further ventured into business law and information technology related work. Her thought process was simple and her application of knowledge precise.

Prevention is better than cure was endorsed in her methodologies. Resolving a dispute, writing a legal document or negotiating a settlement were options that could be clearly harnessed by this lawyer to place an infallible legal barrier for intellectual property owners. Roshni started off as a drop in the ocean of intellectual law and after many national and international qualifications had become a rivulet of intellectual property law to help others go with the flow.Roshni was inspiring fearless faith in our legal system to protect the owners even when she interned with intellectual property law firms. Her confidence and thirst for relevant knowledge was propelling her further towards a bright future in any intellectual property law firm.

Today this young lawyer has walked on the legal path to pave the way for legal protection to be given to ideas, designs, books,creatives and many other properties that sometimes are just not tangible. In the past Roshni had worked as an IP intern,in her present she continued to prod herself to learn more so that in the future she could be the foundation brick for any intellectual property law firm that was looking to stand strong and firm.

Ever heard of the phrase “banging your head against a brick wall”.Legal ignorance can do exactly this to the best of intellectual property owners. So lean on a sturdy brick wall built by the protective laws of intellectual property by hiring the correct intellectual property law firm.Sure! Intellect doesn’t make you sweat;physical labor does.Let a good intellectual property law firm tackle the physical aspect of documentation and procedural completion so that the owner can enjoy the fruits of his intellect without the labor.

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