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Who is invaluable for ascertaining the right value of human intellect in all its verbal and creative magnificence? A good intellectual property lawyer not only understands the value but also wraps a blanket of legal protection on any intellectual property to save it from burning in the fire of piracy.

Intellectual property is the fruit of the efforts of a logical, creative, expressive or artistic mind.An intellectual property lawyer stands as a link between our legal system and the owners. Rights and protections for owners of intellectual property are clearly stated in our legal system.

Intellectual property includes trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs and geographical indications.A versatile intellectual property lawyer must be able to dabble in all the realms of intellectual property laws. Intellect is the property of an illuminated mind filled with bright ideas.

Roshni Lachwani is a bright young intellectual property lawyer who glows with knowledge on protection for the end result of an illuminated mind.Her first step in the ladder of intellectual property law started with her academics. Armed with B.com, LLB and LLM, she ventured in the field of intellectual property.

Intellectual law was her core field of interest and this young intellectual property lawyer set out on a quest for quenching her thirst in this field by further educating herself. Along with a diploma in Corporate Law,she was one of the 50 students to have visited WIPO.

This young,bright intellectual property lawyer also had completed a Harvard law Course in Contract drafting. Roshni stood silent and humble but her qualifications shone brightly making her stand out as an intellectual property lawyer.

After interning at relevant law firms, getting qualified nationally and internationally and acquiring a bird’s eye view on the scenario of intellectual property laws this young intellectual property lawyer started focusing on practical experience.

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 Adv. Roshni Lachhwani

Founder – Intellexsys Legal Solutions

I.P.R. Strategist, Trade Mark Attorney, Patent Analyst


Intellect is what intellect does and this young lady was living each day and breathing intellectual property laws in her quest for qualifications, practical experience, enthusiastic approach, clarity on every aspect of content,payments and quick response time. This young intellectual property lawyer had stepped out of her comfort zone to achieve things in a target oriented and persistent way and now she shone like a light in the dark for all the creative souls seeking a legal armor for their intellectual property. Her perception and eye for detail on trademarks, copyright, patents, non-disclosure agreements and business agreement always covered more options available to owners.The mark of a good intellectual property lawyer lies in their ability to see the higher picture and harness all the options available so that they can battle lack of awareness and ensure proper application of the law.

Roshni Lachwani is the intellectual property lawyer who believes in knowledge as a catalyst for legally fencing an idea, brand, book, art or any other creative output that could be the potential identity of the owner or artist. They say love is infectious. It was obvious that this bright lawyer was in love with intellectual property law, its practical application and the rewards of its correct application. Her enthusiastic approach with quick response time was infectious and more often than not had the ability to touch and legally secure thought processes and creatives.


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