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A trademark is an essential, recognizable sign or design used to identify a product or a service to create a unique identity. This identity distinguishes it and legally protects it from other products or services. A trademark owner can be an individual or an organization. The important thing here is any legal entity is eligible for a trademark if they wish legal protection. The location of the trademark on a product, package, label, voucher, depends upon the nature of the product or service. In case of corporateidentity, trademarks are often displayed on company buildings. So how does this work in Mumbai? When you think trademarks atrademark lawyer Mumbai, should be able to identify certain exclusive rights attached to it. Here identification of the commercial source or product is crucial for the trademark to serve as a badge of origin.

Trade Mark
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There are 45 Trademark classes as per International (NICE) Classification of goods and services in order to properly and legally classify different goods and services to maintain uniformity.It is inclusive of 1-34 classes covering goods, and goes up to 45 classes of 35-45 coveringservices. The symbols associated with trademark are the trademark TM symbol and the Registered ® trademark symbol. Here the lawyer must guide the user with reference to common law usage of a mark. Again the process does not end here and the proper manner of display has to be decided.The trade mark lawyer Mumbai should also have knowledge of when the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks enters the picture.


A Trademark lawyer Mumbai has to be updated with amendments in theTrademarks Act. Awareness on the functions of the registry in order to ensure appropriate registration only of trademarks that qualify for registration under the act is fundamental for a Trademark lawyer Mumbai. Thus the Trademark lawyer Mumbai can provide an advantage for the owner with their litigation free approach and futuristic vision.The guidelines for facilitators and startups are clearly listed by the law. A trademark lawyer Mumbai must ensure that the client is well within the framework of this.The duration of trademark protection can last until perpetuityif it is renewed every ten years by paying additional fees.

Though the duration of each mark may vary, protection can be enforced through courts orders as trademark rights are private rights and infringement calls for legal action. A Trademark lawyer Mumbai should know that in today’s globalized economic environment people are jostling for a limited space in a legal framework. This is applicable for goods and services that are seeking their own mark legally. Here a trademark speaks for the physical and monetary value of a product or service that influences the purchasing decision in a market. A trade mark lawyer Mumbai should know that their legal guidance is also crucial to the well-being of an economy in the long run. Thus the trade mark lawyer Mumbai should know that protection for proprietorship and techniques for enhancing competitiveness of individuals, enterprises or companies will ultimately reflect on the global economy as a whole.

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